Precision medicine through polymathic AI

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We are a  science-first company hacking the genetic vulnerability of brain disease
We combine hyperscale proprietary data with custom-built biology and chemistry foundation models. By digitising cellular responses to perturbation, we can represent biology at higher levels of abstraction and train models that understand multiple layers of systems biology and chemistry. We call this multi-modal understanding “Polymathic AI”. This enables us to rapidly discover drugs that target the exact molecular features of a particular patient’s disease.
Our ECoSystem

We believe the precision medicine we build today will become the personalised medicine of tomorrow.

Our team

We are a group of scientific and imaginative minds united around a common mission

Magic happens when mathematicians, biologists, chemists, engineers, physicists, medics and AI scientists work together on the same problem.

CoSyne Therapeutics is backed by investors with expertise in technology and life sciences.